Lady Elaydren

Patron to the heroes, with something to hide.


Challenge Rating X
Race Class X
Alignment Size Type (Subtype)
Initiative: +X
Senses: Vision, Perception +X
Languages: Common
Armor Class: XX, touch XX, flat-footed X
Hit Points: XX (X HD)
Fortitude: +X Reflex: +X Will: +X
Speed: XX feet (X squares)
Melee: Weapon +X (1dX/Critical) or
Ranged: Weapon +X (1dX/Critical)
Base Attack Bonus: +X; Grapple: +X
Attack Options: X
Combat Gear: X
Abilities: Strength XX, Dexterity XX, Constitution XX, Intelligence XX, Wisdom XX, Charisma XX
Special Qualities: X
Feats: X
Skills: X
Possessions: X


Lady Elaydren

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