Lightning Rail Coach


Unlike the other kinds of elemental vessels, a lightning rail coach relies upon the interaction between pairs of conductor stones to operate. As described elsewhere, a pair of conductor stones creates a conduit through which the levitating coach can travel at high speed. The actual propulsion is provided by an air elemental bound to the vessel. Compared to an airship or an elemental galleon, a lightning rail coach appears clumsy and unwieldy, but the conductor stone conduit allows it to move at a speed of about 25 miles an hour. A lightning rail coach requires a crew of 10 and can carry 50 tons of cargo. A coach can also tow a large number of passenger carts (each holding up to 200 passengers) and cargo carts (each holding up to 100 tons of cargo). These trailing carts are much like mundane wagons without wheels, but with conductor stones mounted on the bottom.

Strong conjuration; CL 15th; Bind Elemental, greater planar binding; Price 58,000 gp.


Lightning Rail Coach

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