Shadows of the Last War
The Story So Far

1st Sul of Rhaan, 998 YK

It has been eighteen days since the events of The Forgotten Forge, and Theo has been busy making potions and scrolls for the party. Every day, they go to the House Sivis message station to see if they have recieved a message from Lady Elaydren. As they go to the message station, They noticed that the door was open at a very strange angle. When they entered, they saw that the station was ransacked. They hear some groaning, and they find the clerk, a female gnome named Talara. She told them that she was mugged by several small creatures and one larger creature with a gravelly voice. Theo payed for the message to Lady Elaydren and called in Sgt. Dolom, then headed to the Broken Anvil. As they were walking back, an owl flew by and dropped a scroll case in Ryz’s hands. They read the scroll on the way back, ironically telling the adventurers to head to the Broken Anvil to talk with Lady Elaydren.
When they stepped in the inn, she motioned for them to sit down. She then places a backpack on the table and tells them that the instructions for their next mission is in the side pocket. She didn’t get much else out, however, because suddenly a group of kobolds led by a warforged wielding a cutlass burst in. They charged the adventurers, but were quickly dispatched. After the brief skirmish, Lady Elaydren pleads them to get out of Sharn.
As the adventurers headed out of Sharn, they read the note. It stated that the schema that they had discovered led to a second schema somewhere in Rose Quarry. However, in order to get to Rose Quarry, they needed to find someone named Failin, located in the Bloody Market in Rhukaan Dral. The adventurers decide to take an elemental galleon to Rhukaan Dral, which will take about 4 days. At midnight on the third day, however, the adventurers were awoken by the sound of scraping on the ship. They quickly got into their armor and were met by eight skeletons, ready for battle. However, they underestimated the party. They were quickly destroyed, and everyone went back to bed.


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