Tag: Heir of Siberys


  • Bonus Feat-Heir of Siberys

    An heir of Siberys gains a bonus feat. The bonus feat must be selected from the following list, and the heir of Siberys must meet the prerequisites of the feat to select it. [[Action Boost]], [[Action Surge]], [[Favored in House]], [[Pursue]], [[ …

  • Siberys Mark-Heir of Siberys

    At 2nd level, an heir of Siberys manifests the full Siberys mark of his house, gaining a spell-like ability from the following list. If the mark associated with the character’s house offers two spell-like abilities, he selects one. * Mark of Detection: …

  • Improved Siberys Mark-Heir of Siberys

    At 3rd level, an heir of Siberys gains improved mastery of his Siberys mark ability. He can use the Siberys dragonmark spell-like ability he already possesses one additional time per day. * Back to [[Heir of Siberys]]

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