Siberys Mark-Heir of Siberys

At 2nd level, an heir of Siberys manifests the full Siberys mark of his house, gaining a spell-like ability from the following list. If the mark associated with the character’s house offers two spell-like abilities, he selects one.

  • Mark of Detection: Moment of prescience 1/day.
  • Mark of Finding: Discern location 1/day.
  • Mark of Handling: Awaken 1/day or summon nature’s ally VI 1/day.
  • Mark of Healing: Mass heal 1/day.
  • Mark of Hospitality: Refuge 1/day.
  • Mark of Making: True creation 1/day.
  • Mark of Passage: Greater teleport 1/day.
  • Mark of Scribing: Symbol of death 1/day.
  • Mark of Sentinel: Mind blank 1/day.
  • Mark of Shadow: Greater prying eyes 1/day or greater scrying 1/day.
  • Mark of Storm: Storm of vengeance 1/day.
  • Mark of Warding: Prismatic wall 1/day.

A saving throw against a Siberys dragonmark power has a DC of 10 + the level of the spell + heir’s Cha modifier.

The caster level for any Siberys dragonmark power is 15th.

Siberys Mark-Heir of Siberys

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