Astral Beacon


Aura Moderate Conjuration CL 10th

Price 40,000 gp Weight 2 lb.

Tied to the Mark of Passage, this object acts as a magical beacon to Orien heirs slipping through the Astral Plane. A character with the dimension door ability of the lesser Mark of Passage or the teleport ability of the greater Mark of Passage can use that ability to a maximum distance equal to twice her usual maximum if her destination point is within 10 feet of an astral beacon. In addition, a location within 10 feet of an astral beacon is always treated as “very familiar” to a character with the teleport ability, for purposes of determining whether she arrives on target. An astral beacon is an 8-inch sphere formed from silver and crystal, with the dragonshard at the core; it is often encased in lead or embedded in the floor of a chamber to prevent enemies from stealing or smashing the sphere.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, teleport, creator must have the Mark of Passage.

Cost 20,000 gp.

Astral Beacon

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