Bracelet of Comfort


Aura Faint conjuration CL 5th

Price 30,000 gp Weight -

This bauble enhances the effect of the Mark of Hospitality. If the wearer uses the lesser Mark of Hospitality to cast secure shelter, she receives the following benefits:

  • The duration of the shelter is increased by 12 hours.
  • The shelter is always formed from stone, even if stone is rare in the region.
  • The temperature inside the hut is maintained at 70˚ F, just like tiny hut.
  • The furnishings in the shelter include eight comfortable beds, eight armchairs, a dining table, a writing desk, a bookshelf, a mirror, and a covered latrine. There is a basin for bathing, although water is not provided.
  • The caster can set the tone of the decor. The shelter can include a carpet or wall hangings, but like the furniture these objects disappear if they are removed from the shelter.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, secure shelter, creator must have the Mark of Hospitality

Cost 15,000 gp.

Bracelet of Comfort

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