Circlet of Preservation


Aura Strong enchantment and transmutation CL 20th

Weight -

This heavy torc of blackened adamantine, with glittering rubies embedded in the ends, adjusts to fit the neck of any Medium warforged. If a warforged character attaches the circlet, the circlet reveals its power to the bearer. The torc is designed to absorb the consciousness of a warforged
when its body is critically damaged, and to repair its injuries. The circlet restores 1 hit point of damage every 10 minutes, even if the bearer has been reduced below –9 hit points; as soon as the character’s hit point total rises above –9, his consciousness is restored to his body.

The circlet can be removed if a warforged bearing it has less than 0 hit points, which prevents the circlet from repairing the warforged. However, the warforged character’s mind remains in the circlet. If a warforged attaches a circlet that already contains the memories of another warforged, the two warforged must immediately make opposed Will saving throws. The victor gains control of the body; the loser is trapped in the circlet. This test can be repeated once every 24 hours. The consciousness within the circlet acts like a docent; it can communicate telepathically with the warforged it is attached to and perceive the world through its host’s senses. It is possible that the two spirits can come to a symbiotic relationship. A warforged can willingly allow the spirit within the circlet to take over its body. However, willingly or not, the personality switch can only occur once every 24 hours.

A circlet of preservation is highly resistant to damage. It is made of spell-hardened adamantine and has a hardness of 25 and 50 hit points. In addition, it repairs damage at a rate of 1 hit point every round.

Circlet of Preservation

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