Command Circlet


Aura Faint divination CL 5th

Price 12,500 gp Weight 2 lb.

Once granted by Breland to warforged who exhibited extreme bravery and excellent strategic acumen, the command circlet was an honorific reward often accompanied by an increase in rank. This gold band fits easily over the brow of a warforged, fusing there and occupying space on the body as a magic helm. Only two dozen were originally made, but since the Last War, those few have been joined by command circlets created by the warforged of the Mournland.

A warforged wearing a command circlet can telepathically speak to any other warforged within 100
feet as a free action (though the circlet does not grant the ability to hear mental replies). The wearer must be able to see the warforged that he wishes to speak to; if multiple warforged are in range, the wearer may speak to them all at the same time or deliver different messages to individuals or groups as time allows. In addition, once per day, the circlet can be used to cast remove fear upon up to ten warforged within 30 feet of the wearer (including the wearer, if desired).


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, detect thoughts, remove fear.

Cost 6,250 gp.

Command Circlet

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