Crystalline Eye Shard


Aura Faint clairsentience ML 3rd

Price 9,000 gp Weight -

The bearer may see by means of this shard as if it were an additional eye. A crystalline eye shard is often placed in the palm of the hand, allowing the bearer to peer around corners or over barriers by extending only his hand past the obstruction. A character doing this is considered to have the equivalent of improved cover. In addition, a character viewing his surroundings through a crystalline eye is not susceptible to gaze attacks; this benefit can allow the bearer to interact with medusas and similar creatures with reduced risk.

If a character has at least four crystalline eyes scattered around his body and all four are exposed, he gains the benefit of all-around vision. This ability provides a +4 bonus on Perception checks, and the character cannot be flanked.


Requirements Craft Universal Item, clairvoyant sense.

Cost 4,500 gp.

Crystalline Eye Shard

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