Diadem of Sharpened Senses


Aura Faint divination CL 7th

Price 10,000 gp Weight -

Formed from brass, this circlet focuses the powers of the Mark of Detection. If the wearer possesses the mark, he gains the following benefits:

  • He can use any least mark spell-like abilities at will.
  • If he has the lesser Mark of Detection, he can use any lesser mark spell-like abilities three times per day.
  • When using the detect scrying ability of the lesser Mark of Detection, he gains a +5 insight bonus on his opposed caster level check to identify another scryer.
  • He gains a +5 insight bonus on Perception checks.

A character must wear the diadem for at least 24 hours before its powers take effect.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, detect scrying, creator must have the Mark of Detection.

Cost 5,000 gp.

Diadem of Sharpened Senses

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