Disk of Energy Resistance


Aura Faint (minor or major) or moderate (greater) abjuration ML 3rd (minor), 7th (major), or 11th (greater)

Price 12,000 gp (minor), 28,000 gp (major), 44,000 gp (greater) Weight -

This metallic disk is engraved with runes of warding, and a colored gemstone is set at its center. When embedded in the chest of a warforged, the disk occupies space on the body as an amulet and grants the character resistance to one type of energy: acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic.

A minor disk of energy resistance grants 10 points of resistance. A major disk of energy resistance grants 20 points of resistance. A greater disk of energy resistance grants 30 points of resistance.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, resist energy.

Cost 6,000 gp (minor), 14,000 gp (major), 22,000 gp (greater).

Disk of Energy Resistance

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