Dragonmark Focus


Aura Moderate transmutation CL 6th

Price 1,500 gp (+ 1), 3,000 gp (+ 2), 6,000 gp (+ 3), 12,000 gp (+ 4) Weight -

The simplest and most common form of dragonshard item, a dragonmark focus is an amulet holding a small Siberys shard. This shard is attuned to enhance the power of a specific dragonmark. When worn by a person whose mark has been attuned to the stone, a dragonmark focus increases the wearer’s effective caster level whenever he uses any of the spell-like abilities of his mark. This bonus ranges from +1 to +4, depending on the purity of the shard.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, creator must have the dragonmark to which the focus is attuned.

Cost 750 gp (+ 1), 1,500 gp (+ 2), 3,000 gp (+ 3), 6,000 gp (+ 4)

Dragonmark Focus

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