Dragonmark Scepter


Aura Strong transmutation CL 15th

Price 1,000 gp Weight 1 lb.

This slender wooden scepter holds within it the power to enhance the innate magic of a dragonmark. The scepter is topped with an ornate golden dragon’s head inset with small rubies that add both value and beauty to its simple elegance. In addition, the scepter is often long enough to double as a cane.

Dragons take an unusual and inconsistent view of these scepters because of their interaction with dragonmarks. A small number of dragons feel that these scepters have the ability to influence the dragon Prophecy. These dragons read great meaning into the use of dragonmarks, not just the existence of the mark itself. Depending on the dragon’s specific interpretation of the Prophecy, it might be motivated to encourage or discourage the creation of dragonmark scepters, or even actively seek out and destroy the scepters to prevent them from being used at all.

A dragonmarked character holding the scepter can use the spell-like ability granted by his Least Dragonmark feat one additional time per day.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Least Dragonmark.

Cost 500 gp.

Dragonmark Scepter

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