Dragonshard Core


Aura Strong (all schools) CL 20th

Weight 10 lb.

The dragonshard core consists of three 6-inch-long, spindle-shaped dragonshards, one of each of the three types (Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber). Each shard has its tip driven into a round-cut diamond about the size of a thumb, with a ring of adamantine holding them in place. When Shear discovered the item, he clutched it against his chest, whereupon it imbedded itself by sinking into his body.

The dragonshard core has three sets of effects, each associated with the powers of one of its three dragonshards. Once per day as a standard action, the warforged who has embedded it may choose which set of powers it uses. If he does not decide to switch powers, the dragonshard core continues using the powers chosen on the previous day. The item’s powers cannot be switched more than once per day, even if the dragonshard core is removed and replaced.

Scholars who spoke to the adventurers who accompanied Shear believe that the dragonshard core has an even greater power combining the affinities of all three types of dragonshards, but debate rages as to what this effect might be.

Eberron: The user of the dragonshard core gains spell resistance 25. In addition, healing spells cast upon him have full effect, and any repair spell repairs twice the normal damage.

Khyber: Any spell with an elemental descriptor (air, earth, fire, or water) subject to spell resistance fails to affect the warforged unless he wishes it to. Additionally, the warforged gains immunity to fire and cold damage, and gains a fl y speed of 30 feet (perfect maneuverability) and a burrow speed of 30 feet.

Siberys: The warforged senses the presence of any dragonmarked creatures within 100 feet, and is aware of which squares they occupy (though such creatures still have cover if the warforged cannot see them). With a DC 15 Wisdom check, the warforged also knows the relative strength of each dragonmark detected (least, lesser, greater, or Siberys). Aberrant dragonmarks are also detected by this power, but will appear to be least dragonmarks with no hint as to their aberrant nature. A failed check can be retried after 1 minute.

In addition, the warforged can create an effect identical to an antimagic field about himself that protects him from the dragonmark powers of dragonmarked individuals. This field extends out to 100 feet, and can be manifested at will.


Discovered by accident in giant ruins deep in the heart of Xen’drik, the dragonshard core is thought to be a unique item. An adventurer warforged named Shear came upon the item while fighting an enraged storm giant, embedding the dragonshard core with the last of his strength and using its powers to save his companions. The powers of the item were demonstrated many more times during Shear’s journey back to the coast with his party, but in a particularly pitched battle against a monstrous creature (unknown even to the scholars of Morgrave University), Shear held off attack so that his companions could escape. Despite several search missions, neither he nor the dragonshard core have been seen since.

Dragonshard Core

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