Dragonshard Reservoir


Aura Moderate Transmutation CL 17th

Price 7,000 gp (least mark), 25,000 gp (lesser mark), 50,000 gp (greater mark), 80,000 gp (Siberys mark) Weight -

A dragonshard reservoir is a magic ring that can store the mystical energy of a dragonmark. A dragonmarked character who wears the ring for 24 hours without removing it can use certain of her mark’s spell-like abilities one additional time per day on each subsequent day. If the character removes the ring, she must wear it for another 24 consecutive hours before she can make use of its power.

A dragonshard reservoir is not attuned to a specific mark; any dragonmarked character can make use of it. However, the purity of the shard determines the strongest dragonmark ability that the ring can power. A ring can always power a weaker ability than its maximum, so a greater dragonshard reservoir can power a least, lesser, or greater mark ability. A Siberys dragonshard reservoir can power only a Siberys mark.


Requirements Forge Ring, creator must have a dragonmark at least as powerful as the reservoir.

Cost 3,500 gp (least mark), 12,500 gp (lesser mark), 25,000 gp (greater mark), 40,000 gp (Siberys mark).

Dragonshard Reservoir

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