Aura Helm: Strong transmutation; attuned dragonshards: faint (1st–2nd), moderate (3rd–5th), or strong (6th–9th) transmutation CL Helm: 12th; attuned dragonshards: 2nd (1st), 4th (2nd), 6th (3rd), 8th (4th) 10th (5th) 12th (6th), 14th (7th), 16th (8th), 18th (9th).

Price Helm: 1,000 gp (one socket), 8,000 gp (two sockets), 18,000 (three sockets), or 32,000 gp (four sockets); attuned dragonshards: 6,000 gp (1st), 9,000 gp (2nd), 14,000 gp (3rd), 26,000 gp (4th), 35,000 gp (5th), 46,000 gp (6th), 69,000 (7th), 84,000 (8th), or 101,000 (9th) Weight 3 lb. plus 1 lb. per dragonshard.

This black metal helmet is fashioned to look as if it were made out of reptile scales. Folded dragon wings guard both ear-holes, and a spiny crest runs from the forehead over the crown to the nape of the neck. A long the crest are sockets, each holding a faintly glowing Siberys dragonshard.

Activation: A drake-helm provides its benefit whenever you wear it. You can change the spell within a Siberys dragonshard by casting a spell into it.

If you’re wearing a drake-helm, you can attach or remove a dragonshard as a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity. Others cannot remove the dragonshards.

Effect: A drake-helm does nothing by itself, but it is a secure receptacle for the attuned Siberys dragonshards set into its crest. Drake-helms have between one and four receptacles for dragonshards.

Each attuned Siberys dragonshard attached to your drake-helm gives you an extra arcane spell known; the spell within the dragonshard is on your spell list just as if you had chosen it normally. You must still provide the spell slot, so you can’t cast a high-level spell within the dragonshard if you couldn’t cast it normally.

Different attuned dragonshards exist for granting you an extra spell known of each level from 1st through 9th. Many spellcasters who own drake-helms attune their own Siberys dragonshards to give them options beyond those offered by the dragonshards that came with the drake-helm.

The spell within an attuned dragonshard can be changed once per month by casting a spell into it (as with a ring of spell storing). An attuned dragonshard will also hold a spell of less than its maximum level.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, creator must have caster level equal to four times the number of dragonshard sockets.

Cost Helm: 500 gp (one socket), 4,000 gp (two sockets), 9,000 (three sockets), or 16,000 gp (four sockets); attuned dragonshards: 3,000 gp (1st), 4,500 gp (2nd), 7,000 gp (3rd), 13,000 gp (4th), 17,500 gp (5th), 23,000 gp (6th), 34,500 (7th), 42,000 (8th), or 50,500 (9th)


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