Earth Sled


Aura Strong conjuration CL 12th

Price 24,000 gp Weight 1 lb.

An earth sled looks like a small barge, approximately 30 feet long and 15 feet wide at its center. A short railing surrounds the open front of the vessel, and a small enclosure in the back provides some shelter from the elements. A podium at the fore of the craft sports two handles, which the driver uses to communicate with the elemental bound into the vessel.

Though an earth sled can carry up to twenty Medium creatures, most are outfitted to carry eight to ten creatures, with the rest of the space devoted to cargo. It has a total capacity of 5,600 pounds including passengers and cargo.

The elemental moves through the very ground beneath the sled, carrying it a foot or two above the surface. In motion, the earth sled appears to float along the ground, only a slight furrow marking its passage.

An earth sled can traverse shallow water and bogs up to 4 feet deep with ease. Deeper water can also be navigated, though passengers and cargo run the risk of becoming wet. In theory, so long as the driver could somehow breathe, an earth sled could continue to skim along the bottom of a river, lake, or even the ocean.

The earth sled can also climb up natural sheer surfaces, but not worked stone walls or similar construction.

Operation: A character with any Mark of Passage dragonmark can direct an earth sled by grasping the handles at the steering podium. The vessel can move at a constant speed of 6 miles per hour, regardless of the terrain through which it passes.


Requirements Bind Elemental, planar binding.

Cost 12,000 gp.


During the Last War, it became necessary for troops in Breland to hold mountain passes and other remote locations against the forces of Droaam. Defensible positions within the mountains were plentiful, but the lack of roads made occupying those locations difficult. Hostile forces could more easily lay siege to remote outposts, which would quickly starve without supplies. In response, House Cannith and House Orien utilized the same techniques used in the development of airships and elemental galleons, creating a skiff that could traverse nearly any terrain courtesy of the Huge earth elemental bound within it.

Since the Last War, earth sleds have continued to find service supplying remote locations across Khorvaire, and some have found their way into the hands of explorers wanting relatively fast movement across trackless terrain. House Orien provides earth sled travel to remote locations for a rate of 3 sp per mile.

Earth Sled

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