Ectoplasmic Armor Shard


Aura Faint metacreativity ML 3rd

Price 8,000 gp Weight -

This shard provides the bearer with a +2 armor bonus to AC. When it is active, the bearer’s body is surrounded by a ghostly image of a monstrous quori form. The bonuses from multiple shards stack with one another, to a maximum bonus of +10; however, with every additional shard the ghostly image becomes increasingly visible. The image produced by a single shard is barely noticeable, but the image produced by five shards in conjunction (granting a +10 AC bonus) looks like a solid, real monster.

Because the armor is composed of stable astral ectoplasm, the armor is treated as a material, physical object without any special qualities other than the armor bonus it provides to AC. Ectoplasmic armor has no armor check penalty and does not reduce the wearer’s speed.


Requirements Craft Universal Item, ectoplasmic armor.

Cost 4,000 gp.

Ectoplasmic Armor Shard

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