Eternal Wand


Aura Faint (any school) CL 1st (0 & 1st level), 3rd (2nd level), 5th (3rd level)

Price 1,000 gp (0 level), 2,000 gp (1st level), 12,000 gp (2nd level), 30,000 gp (3rd level) Weight -

During the final years of the Last War, the artificers and wizards of House Cannith perfected a new form of wand built around an Eberron shard. An eternal wand holds an arcane spell of 3rd level or lower with a maximum caster level of 6th. Unlike a traditional wand that holds 50 charges, an eternal wand allows any character who can cast arcane spells to use the spell contained in it an unlimited number of times per day.

The development of the eternal wand allowed magewrights to take the place of war wizards during the final days of the Last War, supplementing their passive spells with more aggressive magic. Currently the wands are rarely seen except in military units, but a few magewrights who served in the war brought their eternal wands of magic missile home from the front lines.


Requirements Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, the spell contained in the eternal wand.

Cost 500 gp (0 level), 1,000 gp (1st level), 6,000 gp (2nd level), 15,000 gp (3rd level).

Eternal Wand

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