Final Messenger


Aura Moderate transmutation ML 11th

Price 6,000 gp Weight -

This component is an intricate assemblage of clockwork and filigree wings, designed to serve as a communication device within warforged units. A final messenger occupies space as an amulet, drawing energy from its warforged host. While the messenger is attached, the warforged may take a standard action to implant a destination, a target individual, the image of what the warforged is currently able to see, and a message of up to 25 words into the messenger.

As a free action, the host can release the final messenger, at which point it flies to its destination by as direct a route as possible. Once it reaches this location, it seeks the target creature (if one has been specified); otherwise it looks for the nearest warforged. Any warforged who attaches the messenger can review the message that it contains.

Should a warforged be destroyed while bearing a final messenger, the messenger immediately flies to seek its target. It retains its stored message, but replaces any stored image with a view of the last thing seen by the slain warforged.

A final messenger is a Fine construct with AC 26 (touch 26, flat-footed 26), 6 hit points, and a fly speed of 60 feet (perfect). It has low-light vision and darkvision out to 60 feet. It has no limbs and cannot perform any meaningful action aside from seeking its target and delivering its message. An unattached messenger can remain active for a maximum of 8 hours, after which it becomes inert. It can only replenish its energy by attaching to a warforged; every minute it is attached allows 1 minute of activity after being released, to a maximum of 8 hours.


Requirements Craft Construct, animate objects, sending.

Cost 3,000 gp.

Final Messenger

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