Helm of the Sentinel


Aura Strong abjuration CL 11th

Price 20,000 gp Weight 3 lb.

A multitude of eyes are engraved on the surface of this helmet. The pupils are tiny dragonshards attuned to the Mark of Sentinel. Once per day, the wearer can create a contingency effect that triggers one of his Mark of Sentinel spell-like abilities when a certain condition is met. For example, a character with the greater Mark of Sentinel might set his globe of invulnerability ability to activate if he is targeted by a spell, or his shield to activate if he is about to be struck by a magic missile. The contingency is negated if the character removes the helm, and the helm can only have one contingency active at a time.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, contingency, creator must have the Mark of Sentinel.

Cost 10,000 gp.

Helm of the Sentinel

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