Aura Strong abjuration CL 12th

Price 25,000 gp Weight 40 lb.

This item enhances the effect of the following abilities of the Mark of Warding: alarm, guards and wards, misdirection, faithful hound, and nondetection. If the ability is cast on an area that contains the houseward or on a person or object within 20 feet of the houseward, its duration is increased by a factor of 24—to a number of days per caster level rather than hours. While the dragonshard core is quite small, the houseward itself is a heavy block of lead and alchemical silver; it is often set directly into the floor of a building.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Extend Spell, guards and wards, creator must have the Mark of Warding

Cost 12,500 gp.


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