Inquisitive Goggles


Aura Strong divination CL 12th

Price 16,000 gp Weight -

A dragonshard is positioned between the lenses of these cumbersome goggles, making them a boon to the Tharashk inquisitive. To access the powers of the goggles, the wearer must possess the lesser, greater, or Siberys Mark of Finding. If this condition is met, the wearer can use the goggles to see the trace auras formed by the passage of living creatures. This ability provides the following benefits.

  • When examining an object, the wearer can make a Perception check to identify the aura of the last living creature to touch the object. The DC is 15 + the number of days since the last contact occurred. If the wearer is familiar with the being who left the aura, he can identify the owner of the aura; otherwise, he can simply determine the creature’s type. If he succeeds on the Search check by 10 or more, he also discerns the gender and race of the creature. If he succeeds by 20 or more, the creature counts as a “known or familiar creature” for purposes of the locate creature spell. Transmutation effects that alter the apparent race or type of a creature (such as polymorph, shapechange, or alter self) do defeat the magic of the goggles, but illusion effects (such as disguise self) do not.
  • Once the wearer has identified an aura, he receives a +5 insight bonus on any Survival checks made to track the creature that left the aura, as long as he continues wearing the goggles.
  • When the wearer uses locate creature, the goggles allow him to follow the recent movements of his target. If the target creature has passed through the spell’s area in the last 24 hours, the wearer can detect the path that she took.
  • The wearer receives a +2 insight bonus on all Sense Motive checks he makes while wearing the goggles.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, find the path, creator must have the Mark of Finding.

Cost 8,000 gp.

Inquisitive Goggles

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