Aura Faint abjuration CL 1st

Price 150 gp Weight -

While they are almost trivially simple to produce, these charms are critically important to the warding services of House Kundarak. When a character uses the Mark of Warding to cast alarm, arcane lock, explosive runes, or fire trap, she can invest ownership of the spell into a keycharm. Whoever holds the charm is considered to be the caster of the spell for purposes of bypassing its effects (or receiving the mental alert from an alarm). The charm has no inherent powers, and if the spell it is linked to expires, it is considered to be a mundane object—although a dragonmarked character could link it to a new warding spell.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, telepathic bond, creator must have the Mark of Warding.

Cost 75 gp.


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