Lightning Reins


Aura Strong conjuration CL 12th

Price 8,000 gp Weight 1 lb.

Modeled after the reins a mundane coach driver uses to control the horses pulling the coach, these long leather cords are affixed at the helm of a House Orien lightning rail coach. By gripping the lightning reins, a character with the dimension door ability of the lesser Mark of Passage can telepathically control the air elemental bound into the coach, forcing it to move the coach as the dragonmark heir desires.

Since a lightning rail coach must follow a pathway of conductor spheres, there is little control involved beyond determining the speed of travel, but an uncontrolled coach quickly either comes to a halt or accelerates until it leaves the pathway of conductor spheres and crashes into the ground.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, dimension door, planar binding, creator must have the Mark of Passage.

Cost 4,000 gp.

Lightning Reins

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