Mind Blade Gauntlet


Aura Moderate metacreativity ML 5th

Price 22,000 gp (+ 1 base price modifier), 48,000 gp (+ 2 base price modifier), 78,000 gp (+ 3 base price modifier) Weight -

A mind blade gauntlet is an opalescent glove that serves as a channel for the inner power of a kalashtar or Inspired soulknife, allowing the wielder to enhance the power of his mind blade. Each mind blade gauntlet is crafted with a particular weapon special ability (such as keen) that can be used by a kalashtar or Inspired soulknife with the mind blade enhancement class feature. When the soulknife expends his psionic focus while manifesting his mind blade through the mind blade gauntlet, the weapon gains the weapon special ability designated by the gauntlet. This effect lasts for 1 minute.

If a soulknife splits his mind blade into two matching blades, the effect only applies to the mind blade manifested through the mind blade gauntlet (though two gauntlets can be worn simultaneously, allowing an effect to be applied to each mind blade).

The price of a mind blade gauntlet depends on the base price modifier of the weapon special ability imbued into it.


Requirements Craft Psionic Arms and Armor, mind blade ability, creator must be a kalashtar or an Inspired.

Cost 11,000 gp (+ 1 base price modifier), 24,000 gp (+ 2 base price modifier), 37,000 gp (+ 3 base price modifier).

Mind Blade Gauntlet

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