Pen of the Scribe


Aura Faint illusion CL 5th

Price 2,500 gp Weight -

This long ink pen, formed of silver and copper with a thin dragonshard at its core, is an invaluable tool for the scribes of House Sivis. In the hands of a character with the Mark of Scribing, it has the following powers.

  • It never runs out of ink. The user can change the color of the ink produced by the pen, as a free action, by speaking the name of the desired color in Gnome.
  • It doubles the speed at which a character can write. A character cannot use the pen to scribe a scroll or record a spell in a spellbook, since both tasks require special inks, but it increases the speed at which the character can use illusory script or the Linguistics skill, for example.
  • It provides a +5 insight bonus on Linguistics checks made to duplicate written material.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, illusory script, creator must have the Mark of Scribing.

Cost 1,250 gp.

Pen of the Scribe

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