Prospector's Rod


Aura Faint divination CL 5th

Price 7,400 gp Weight 3 lb.

This short rod of cold iron is the key to House Tharashk’s mining operations. A prospector’s rod amplifies the locate object ability of the least Mark of Finding. If the wielder uses this ability while holding the rod, he gains the following benefits.

  • The duration of the effect is extended, continuing for as long as the wielder concentrates on the desired object.
  • The user can specify a quantity of material to search for: “three or more pounds of byeshk,” “one hundred gallons of water,” and so on. When the user makes contact with a source, he can make a DC 10 Wisdom check to estimate the size of deposit he has found.
  • The range is tripled (1,200 feet + 120 feet per level).

The rod cannot be used to locate specific objects. It can locate “gold,” but not “a gold bracelet in the shape of a serpent biting its tail.”


Requirements Craft Rod, locate object, creator must have the Mark of Finding.

Cost 3,700 gp.

Prospector's Rod

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