Regalia of the Four Winds


Aura Moderate evocation, conjuration CL Same as caster; if wearer has no caster level, 7th

Price Unique Weight 1 lb. ( bracers of flame and frost ), 5 lb. ( boots of the stone-king ), – ( thunder crown )

The regalia of the four winds are a set of magical items created by the giants of Xen’drik. As the giants performed experiments exploring the other planes, they created these items to gain mastery over the elementals. The regalia is composed of three items: the bracers of flame and frost, boots of the stone-king, and the thunder crown.

The bracers of flame and frost look very old, but in good condition. Each of the bracers are designed with an elemental motif; one with fire, and the other with ice. If you wear both of the bracers, you can cast fire shield once per day, the “cool flames” option manifests itself as an aura of intense cold. In addition, you can cast the following spells three times per day: burning/freezing hands and burning/frigid touch. As implied above, you can cast these spells to deal cold damage instead of fire damage.

The boots of the stone-king are heavy boots made entirely from stones held together by magma, though this does not harm the wearer. When the boots are donned, you can automatically sense what direction you are going and act as if under the effects of a continuous pass without trace spell. In addition, you can cast the spell stone call three times per day. Finally, you gain a + 2 deflection bonus to your Armor Class as long as you are touching the ground or a stone surface.

The thunder crown is a gleaming golden crown with a diamond in the center. Surrounding the diamond are four lightning bolts, also made of gold. When worn, the thunder crown grants the wearer the ability to cast lightning bolt three times per day. In addition, you can cast shout and sheet lightning twice per day. When you cast shout, it sounds like rolling thunder.

Regalia of the Four Winds

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