Rings of Shared Suffering


Aura Faint abjuration CL 10th

Price 40,000 gp (for a pair) Weight -

These rings are created in pairs. A character who possesses the Mark of Sentinel can, at any time, command his or her ring to cast a shield other spell with the wearer of the mated ring as the recipient. If the wearers of both rings have the Mark of Sentinel, either character can initiate the shield other effect and both characters gain the benefit; they both gain the AC and saving throw bonuses, and damage from any attack on either character is split evenly between the two. The range of this effect is unlimited.

A character who possesses the least Mark of Sentinel receives damage reduction 1/— against the damage channeled to him through the ring (reducing the damage from each attack by 1). A character with the lesser mark gains damage reduction 2/—, a character with the greater mark gains damage reduction 3/—, and a character with the Siberys mark gains damage reduction 5/—.


Requirements Forge Ring, Enlarge Spell, shield other, creator must have the Mark of Sentinel.

Cost 20,000 gp (for a pair)

Rings of Shared Suffering

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