Sand Pipe

weapon (ranged)

Designed by the drow, this 2-foot pipe is constructed of segmented pieces of a scorpion’s tail, hollowed out and made rigid. One end flares out slightly, while the other is smaller and contains a mouthpiece made from a dream serpent’s fang. In the center of the pipe is a small reservoir chamber that can be filled as a standard action. The pipe is designed to hold a number of different powders designed specifically for use in this weapon. These powders deal no weapon damage, but instead have specific special effects.

As a standard action, you can blow the powder from the pipe in a 15-foot cone. A wind of strong force or greater makes it impossible to use a sand pipe. Only one free hand is required to use the weapon, but two are required to load it. Using or loading a sand pipe provokes attacks of opportunity.

The sand ammunition can be also be used without a sand pipe. As a standard action, you can throw sand at one adjacent target, which is affected as if it were within the cone. Doing this provokes attacks of opportunity.

Category: Exotic Ranged Weapon

Cost Damage (Small) Damage (Medium) Critical Range Weight Type Special
15 gp See text 1 lb.

Sand Pipe

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