Wand Sheath


Aura Faint transmutation ML 4th

Price 4,000 gp Weight -

This narrow sheath is embedded in the forearm and hand of a warforged character, occupying space on the body as if it were a bracer. Once it is in place, the warforged can insert a normal magic wand into the sheath, whereupon it merges with the character’s body. The sheath can hold a single wand. Once a wand is inserted, it cannot be removed until all its charges are used up, at which point the wand drops out of the sheath and a new one can be inserted.

A character can activate a sheathed wand (assuming the character could activate the wand normally) without having to retrieve it, simply by pointing a finger and thinking about activating it. Thus, the character can activate it in an area of silence or while grappling without difficulty.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Craft Wand, polymorph.

Cost 2,000 gp.

Wand Sheath

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