Waterborn Weapon Property

weapon (melee)

Aura Moderate conjuration CL 9th

Price + 1 bonus.

A waterborn weapon has a Small water elemental bound to it, and takes on a milky blue-white appearance. If the weapon is a slashing or bludgeoning weapon, this property negates the normal penalties for using such a weapon underwater, as if the wielder were under the effect of a freedom of movement spell. If the weapon is a piercing weapon, this property grants an additional +2 bonus on its wielder’s attack rolls and damage rolls when both the wielder and his opponent are touching water.

When the wielder of a waterborn weapon uses it from land to attack a creature in the water, this property negates the cover normally granted to swimming creatures against attacks from land, again as if the wielder were under the effect of freedom of movement.


Requirements Bind Elemental, lesser planar binding.

Cost + 1 bonus.

Waterborn Weapon Property

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