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  • The Ashbound

    This sect is small in number (around 1,700 members) but compensates in its sheer fanaticism. Not for them the careful balance between nature and civilizationall that is artificial or unnatural is dangerous, with arcane magic at the top of the list.

  • Servants of the Ashbound

    Most Ashbound are humans or shifters. This sect attracts more shifters than any other for its devotion to the harsh laws of nature. They see the Wardens attempt to balance nature and progress as foolish, and most do not hesitate to destroy anything

  • Rites and Rituals of the Ashbound

    Ritual is intensely personal for the Ashbound. Supplementing the ritual of arcane opposition are the following rites.


    The act of initiation is brief and to the point. By the time a prospective initiate

  • The Ashbound in Everyday Life

    The farmers, woodcutters, and traders of the Reaches respect the purity of the Ashbound and try not to draw their ire. Most members of the sect, although they disapprove of such civilized activities, are occupied with more important causes. Towns dont

  • Temples and Shrines of the Ashbound

    The Ashbound observe an austere version of druidic worship. Individual circles establish their own meeting places, usually isolated groves far from inhabited areas. The grand conclaves are held in similar gathering spots, large enough to encompass

  • Purification Rituals of the Ashbound

    Ritual of Avenging Ash

    You are daubed with ashes, reminders of the earths injury, and are filled with the fury of natures avenger. This ritual can only be performed by a druid of the Ashbound sect.


  • Emblem of the Ashbound

    Initiates smudge their faces with wood ash to represent the damage civilization has done to nature, and they sometimes display the skeleton of a fire-ravaged tree.

    Most commonly the Ashbound wear a claw or fang strung on a leather cord (taken

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