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  • Blood of Vol

    Few religions are as misunderstood as the spiritual path known as the Blood of Vol. Seekers, as followers of the faith call themselves, do not worship a divine entity, nor do they revere their ancestors, as do the elves of Aerenal. Indeed, it would be

  • Doctrine of the Blood of Vol

    If any single religious doctrine unites the Blood of Vol, it is the concept worshipers call the Divinity Within. This notion is embodied in one of the Seekers most treasured axioms, spoken at the opening of almost every ritual gathering:

  • Servants of the Blood of Vol

    Unlike the cults enemies in the Church of the Silver Flame, the people of Vol are an exceedingly diverse lot who would be surprised to learn that they have anything at all in common. The faith incorporates all the diversity of the Sovereign Host, and

  • Rites and Rituals of the Blood of Vol

    The Blood of Vol does not conduct rituals in the name of a specific deity, as many other faiths do, nor does it celebrate or revere the natural world. Yet ritual is no less important to Seekers than it is to members of other faiths. The difference lies

  • The Blood of Vol in Everyday Life

    Unlike the Sovereign Host or Church of the Silver Flame, the Blood of Vol has neither a region where the faith is dominant (at least, not outwardly) nor a nation to call its own. Worship is strong all over Khorvaire, particularly in Karrnath and Droaam

  • Temples and Shrines to the Blood of Vol

    The Blood of Vol is flexible about what structures can serve as shrines. Once again, individuality is respected. Seekers keep their faith in their own ways, and the religion mandates no adherence to any particular size, style, or construction of a

  • Variant Sects of the Blood of Vol

    The Blood of Vol draws Seekers of many differing origins and behaviors. Not all are equally committed to (or indeed, aware of) the Crimson Covenant or Vol herself. The spread of her philosophy has grown far beyond Vols ability to oversee directly, and

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