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  • The Children of Winter

    Death. Disease. Rot. Most see these afflictions as unpleasant at best, evil at worst. The Children of Winter know that they too are part of the natural cycle, things not to be feared but to be embraced. They do not worship destruction, but they do

  • Servants of the Children of Winter

    The majority of the sects adherents (totaling around 1,100) are human, with shifters making up almost all the rest. Those who join the Children of Winter hold to a cruel and unforgiving view of nature, in which only the strongest deserve to survive.

  • The Children of Winter in Everyday Life

    For most inhabitants of the Reaches, or anywhere the sect is active, the Children are a dangerous but limited force of nature. Like tornadoes, they are immensely destructive but very few in number; the average inhabitant is not touched by them. Being

  • Emblem of the Children of Winter

    The Children of Winter are not big on ceremony, and so they rarely employ tokens or signs to identify themselves. Many, though, wear bones as part of their garb, and sometimes the image of a gnawed femur (or an actual bone) marks a site of the sects

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