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  • Artificer

    In Eberron, magic is almost technology. Spellcasters specialize in certain forms of that technology, while artificers tinker with its fundamental workings. Artificers understand magic on a different level from spellcasters, and do not cast spells as

  • Barbarian

    Despite the advanced civilization that dominates Khorvaire, barbarians live in several places both on that continent and in nearby lands. Human, orc, and

  • Bard

    Bards usually dont end up as wandering minstrels or street performersany expert with a Perform skill can fill that role. Instead, some bards use their magical abilities to unearth ancient lore, while others use their interpersonal skills and bardic

  • Druid

    The history of the druids in Eberron stretches back sixteen thousand years, to a time when orcs and goblinoids ruled the continent of Khorvaire. At that time, a black dragon named Vvaraak, a great student of astrology, cosmology, and the draconic

  • Fighter

    Fighters fill a number of combat-oriented roles in the world of Eberron. The Last War produced a number of veterans, from simple grunts who learned to fight and survive in the trenches along the

  • Monk

    Monks in Eberron are an unusual mixture of contemplative scholars and martial artists. They are called to a life of community apart from the world in which they copy books, preserve the annals of history, and practice the skills they need to defend

  • Oracle

    Among the kalashtar, oracles are those who tap deeply into their quori spirit to the point of losing a part of themselves in it. The

  • Alchemist

    Most alchemists learn their trade from a guild associated with the dragonmarked houses; members of the Fabricators Guild, Healers Guild and House Vadalis are most common. Traditional herbalism is also passed down among the inhabitants of the Talenta

  • Rogue

    Rogues are found in every city, town, and village in Eberron, though most common criminals are experts or warriors. Rogues often head criminal organizations, work as spies, or serve as diplomats. Other rogues work to solve crimes either as freelance

  • Sorcerer

    In many worlds, sorcerers claim descent from dragons, insisting that the dragon blood in their veins is the source of their power. The sorcerers of Eberron likewise point to dragons as the source of their power, but they speak of cosmic dragons: Siberys

  • Summoner

    The summoner class is relatively rare in Khorvaire. Some summoners call aspects of the Dragon Below or Xoriat into the world and are prominent as cult leaders, while House Cannith contains a number of summoners who design and summon mechanical-looking

  • Wizard

    Wizards stand apart from the legions of others who dabble in the arcane arts on the magically charged world of Eberron: They alone are willing to devote their lives to the daunting work of arcane study. Wizards are distinguished from sorcerers and the

  • Gunslinger

    While numerous groups possess the technology to create firearms, in a world where wands and staves can be mass-produced they are largely seen as a novelty; Cyre was the only one of the Five Nations to actually train soldiers in their use. They do,

  • Magus

    While any person with an interest in both magic and swordplay can become a magus, this combination of skills is normally associated with veterans of the Last War due to a number of training programs which sought to create them, being particularly common

  • Witch

    There are many powerful beings and forces that work their will upon Eberron, and witches are blessed (or cursed) with a fraction of their power. However, this power comes at a price. Members of all

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