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  • Darguun

    Capital: Rhukaan Draal
    Population: 800,000 (39% goblins, 29% hobgoblins, 13% bugbears, 6% kobolds, 6% humans, 4% gnomes, 3% other)
    Exports: Mercenary services

  • Darguun's Industries

    Between the mines of the Seawall Mountains and the plains of what was once southern Cyre, Darguun produces enough ore and grain to meet the needs of its population. It

  • Life and Society in Darguun

    Darguun consists of three regions: the Seawall Mountains, the northern plains, and the southern wilderness. Most of the nations population lives in the mountains and along the two major rivers, the Ghaal and the Torlaac.

    The nation is home to

  • Darguun's Government and Politics

    Darguun is a volatile nation. The Ghaaldar tribe makes up the majority of the population, and most of the clans in this tribe yield to the authority of the Lhesh Haruuc. They follow because they respect Haruucs leadership and military power. Should

  • Power Groups in Darguun

    At this point, the goblinoids have little to offer the other nations aside from their soldiers. Many of the dragonmarked house leaders distrust Haruuc, and so are reluctant to commit too many resources to Darguun. While all of the houses maintain

  • Major Settlements in Darguun

    The lowland goblinoids live in the rebuilt ruins of old Cyre towns, while the highland and mountain tribes live in natural caverns or simple longhouse communities. The larger Ghaaldar clans and the Dhakaani clans have their own capitals, but one major

  • Important Sites in Darguun

    The land of Darguun was once part of Cyre. Over the course of the Last War, most of the towns, temples, and fortresses in the region were razed and abandoned. Dozens of ruins remainsome seized by the goblinoids, others shunned for the curses, ghosts,

  • Adventuring in Darguun

    House Orien runs trade roads that connect Rhukaan Draal to Thrane and Breland. The roads are relatively safe for the Orien caravans and their Deneith guardians, but other travelers use the roads at their own risk. Anyone who intends to travel outside

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