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  • Doctrine of the Dark Six

    Like their brothers, sisters, and parents in the Host, the gods of the Six hold sway over broad aspects of mortal life. The difference between the two pantheons, howeverand part of the reason for the Schism that separates them to this dayis that the

  • Servants of the Dark Six

    As with most faiths, the average priest of the Dark Six, or of any god therein, isnt a cleric per se. Among the Six, service comes in many forms, and most worshipers are content to do the work of the divine, without training for an adventuring class.

  • Rites and Rituals of the Dark Six

    Like the Vassals of the Sovereign Host, worshipers of the Six believe that every feature of the natural world bears at least a shadow of the divine, and is therefore worthy of reverence. The difference, however, comes in the manner, application, and

  • The Dark Six in Everyday Life

    While the Sovereign Host is still the dominant religion on Khorvaire, the political and military strife of the Last War was a crucible for the power of the Dark Six, who emerged stronger and more influential than they ever had been before. Today,

  • Temples and Shrines of the Dark Six

    Temples to the Dark Six are as varied as are the worshipers themselves. Most are built of stone, to better safeguard them and their inhabitants from would-be aggressors, but some use wood (particularly those devoted to the Devourer) or are carved from

  • Variant Sects of the Dark Six

    Worship of the Dark Six isnt a single, monolithic organization, so only truly exceptional concepts are considered to be variant. Followers of the Six respect (or at least understand) all those who keep the gods in their prayers, and even

  • The Gods of the Dark Six

    Each of the gods of the Dark Six is presented below, along with information pertaining specifically to that deity. As with the Host, this information represents traditional understanding of scripture, not divine truth as handed down by the gods

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