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  • Droaam

    Capital: The Great Crag
    Population: 500,000 (20% gnoll, 19% orcs, 18% goblins, 5% shifters, 38% other races, including half-orcs, harpies, hill giants, humans, medusas, minotaurs, ogres, and trolls)

  • Droaam's Industries

    Droaam has developed little in the way of organized industry. The greatest resource it possesses is the natural power of its inhabitants. Over the past five years, the Daughters of Sora Kell have been making contacts across Western Khorvaire, most

  • Life and Society in Droaam

    The Daughters of Sora Kell have brought great change to the western barrens that once belonged to Breland. Over the past ten years, a legion of ogre workers has constructed roads between the major communities. These new cities have tremendous racial

  • Droaam's Government and Politics

    Only a decade removed from savage anarchy, Droaam currently follows a form of despotic feudalism. The most powerful warlords and dictators are required to give their tribute and loyalty to the Daughters of Sora Kell. Each of these dictators oversees a

  • Power Groups in Droaam

    Due to the chaotic nature of Droaam, each community is in some ways a power group in its own right. While hundreds of groups of monsters are scattered throughout the nation, the ones described below are some of the most powerful that adventurers may

  • Religion in Droaam

    Droaam has no national religion. Priests of the Mockery and the Shadow can be found in many communities, and there are a few cults dedicated to the Dragon Below scattered throughout the land.

    While religion plays a minor role in the daily life of

  • Major Settlements in Droaam

    Most of the communities in Droaam are small hamlets consisting of groups of orcs or goblins dominated by one or more stronger creatures. Architecture is usually primitive, and in the mountainous areas, communities often make use of natural caverns

  • Important Sites in Droaam

    Thousands of years ago, Droaam was a borderland between the hobgoblin Dhakaani Empire and the lands of the orc barbarians. The region was devastated during the war against the daelkyr, and the ruins of ancient villages and towns are scattered throughout

  • Adventuring in Droaam

    Droaam, despite its bid to be recognized as a nation, remains an extremely dangerous place for humans and members of the other common races. A virtually lawless land at the best of times, the place can be brutal and deadly at its worst. Creatures that

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