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  • Druid Sects

    When one thinks of druids, the Eldeen Reaches immediately come to mind. Indeed, this wild land supports many druids of differing sects. But the druidic traditions of harmony with nature and, especially in Eberron, defense against corruption are not

  • Common Ground

    Druidic doctrines are simple and unadorned. They each have one overriding goal or approach, which can be stated in few words in each sects entry. Differences are for conclave discussion, not scripture parsing or proclamation from superiors.

  • Wardens of the Wood

    The largest druid sect in the world, the Wardens learned their traditions from the awakened greatpine Oalian, who guarded the deepwoods long before humans ever came to Khorvaire. This group protects the Reaches by destroying unnatural creatures (

  • The Ashbound

    This sect is small in number (around 1,700 members) but compensates in its sheer fanaticism. Not for them the careful balance between nature and civilizationall that is artificial or unnatural is dangerous, with arcane magic at the top of the list.

  • The Children of Winter

    Death. Disease. Rot. Most see these afflictions as unpleasant at best, evil at worst. The Children of Winter know that they too are part of the natural cycle, things not to be feared but to be embraced. They do not worship destruction, but they do

  • The Gatekeepers

    Once the Gatekeepers were the guardians of the world. Taught by the dragon Vvaraak, they prepared for the coming disaster: an invasion from the outer planes. When the gates to Xoriat opened and the daelkyr flooded into Eberron, the Gatekeepers were able

  • The Greensingers

    In the Twilight Demesne, where Eberron and Thelanis intertwine, the Faerie Court holds sway more than any mortal organization. This is the realm of the Greensingers, who embody the fickleness and the many faces of nature: both lovely and dangerous at

  • Purification Rituals

    Each druid sect detailed in this chapter includes a sidebar that describes its purification ritual. Any character can take part in a druidic purification ritual, although the ritual itself can only be performed by a druid of at least 5th level who

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