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  • Equipment

    The well-equipped adventurer in Eberron must be prepared for anything and everything. An adventurer might take a trip to Sharns sewer-dungeons one day, then head out to explore the swamps of the Shadow Marches the next. A quest might require a trek to

  • Weapons

    Eberron boasts a few new exotic weapons created by some of its native cultures. Specifically, these weapons have been designed and developed by three distinct societies: the dinosaur-riding

  • Tools and Skill Kits

    More specialized than the similar items in the Core Rulebook, these items enhance the use of certain skills or abilities in particular situations. The cost and weight of each of these items is given in the table below.

  • Clothing Materials

    The kinds of clothing worn throughout the nations of Khorvaire is similar to that described in the Core Rulebookfrom artisans clothing to royal garb. A few magical fabrics found on Eberron can enhance mundane clothing. The cost of each of these kinds

  • Documents

    The countries of Khorvaire, especially the nations of the central region, place a greater emphasis on written documentsfrom forms of identification to letters of creditthan is seen in most worlds. The cost of each of these documents is given in the

  • Food, Drink, and Lodging

    The halflings of House Ghallanda, custodians of the Mark of Hospitality, offer a few common services in towns and cities across Khorvaire, as well as at sizable outposts along caravan routes and other well-traveled paths. The cost of each of these

  • Mounts and Related Gear

    House Vadalis and the elves of Valenar are known for breeding superior mounts and selling them on the open market. In addition, the halflings of the Talenta Plains breed some unique mounts of their ownsmall, domesticated dinosaurs. The cost of each of

  • Special Materials

    New special materials, in addition to those described in the Core Rulebook, exist in Eberron. These materials have their own uses and unique properties that set them apart and give them a place in this action-packed world.

  • Transport

    All of the transportation modes described in the Core Rulebook are available in Eberron. In general, if it moves along the ground, House Orien probably controls it. If it moves

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