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  • The Gatekeepers

    Once the Gatekeepers were the guardians of the world. Taught by the dragon Vvaraak, they prepared for the coming disaster: an invasion from the outer planes. When the gates to Xoriat opened and the daelkyr flooded into Eberron, the Gatekeepers were able

  • Servants of the Gatekeepers

    Well over half the Gatekeepers are orcs or half-orcs. The orcs of Khorvaires western shores had always been close to nature, which is why Vvaraak chose them to learn druid magic. Many were lost in the Daelkyr War, and many more turned away from nature

  • Rites and Rituals of the Gatekeepers

    This ancient sect takes no action without appropriate observances. Everything the Gatekeepers do is crucial to the worlds survival, even if it appears inconsequential to an observer.


    Joining the sect requires

  • The Gatekeepers in Everyday Life

    The Gatekeepers go about their duties quietly and do not often interact with anyone outside the sect. An inhabitant of the Reaches and the Shadow Marches might never encounter a Gatekeeper in a lifetime. Communities that exist near a planar seal are

  • Temples and Shrines of the Gatekeepers

    Although the Gatekeepers do not establish fixed areas of worship, each of the sealed planar portals within the Eldeen Reaches and the Shadow Marches is perforce a sacred place. Groups of druids visit the seals, ensuring that each is replenished annually

  • Purification Rituals of the Gatekeepers

    Ritual of Watchfulness

    You become on guard against unnatural attacks against the world. Your senses are exceptionally heightened. This ritual can only be performed by a druid of the Gatekeeper sect.


  • Emblem of the Gatekeepers

    The Gatekeepers revere their favored status as the first students of druid magic, and they honor Vvaraak as a prophet. Senior members of the sect, and those favored due to some heroic action, tattoo a stylized dragon head on their skin.


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