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  • Emblem of the Greensingers

    The chaos that embodies the Greensinger sect does not lend itself to formal identification. However, when there is need to send an emissary to other lands, that messenger wears a brooch in the shape of a green leaf with a thirteen-pointed star

  • Temples and Shrines of the Greensingers

    The Twilight Demesne is the eternal meeting place of the fey and the Greensingers on Eberron. It is as close to a temple as exists for the Greensinger sect. Here, two planes meet and mingle, their borders uncertain. It is a model for other planar

  • The Greensingers in Everyday Life

    The sect is so isolated, and its goals so unfathomable, that most people are unaware of its existence. If its goal of planar mingling were better known, the likely result would be alarm. And should the group succeed in creating new planar accesses, the

  • Rites and Rituals of the Greensingers

    Ritual is too formal an activity to capture the wild hearts of the Greensingers. Specific activities appeal to given followersat least until something else takes their fancy but no liturgy or prescription can ever apply to them.

  • Servants of the Greensingers

    Nearly all Greensingers are elves or half-elves, with a scattering of humans. They are habitus of Thelanis, if not natives of that plane, spending more time among the fey court than in the material world. Although some learn the sects ways on Eberron

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