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  • Du'ulora Ancestor

    The tsucora are the most common of the quori, but they are not the only spirits in Dal Quor. You are descended from a duulora quoria spirit that feeds on human anger and rage. By drawing on your duulora essence, you can enter a state of

  • Hashalaq Ancestor

    The hashalaq quori essence within you allows you to sense the emotions of others.

    Prerequisite: Kalashtar, Cha 13, 1st level only.

    Benefit: Add the empathy psionic power to your list of 1st-level

  • Flowing Blade

    Your mind blade is an extension of your body and soul, and you wield it with the same grace as your foot or fist.

    Prerequisite: Ability to generate a mind blade, Weapon Focus (mind blade), flurry of blows class feature.


  • Kalashtar Psychology

    The kalashtar bond with the quori is a difficult thing for an outsider to understand. A kalashtar cannot consciously interact with her quori spirit; it is an inherent part of her, not a separate sentience within her mind. She has hazy memories of places

  • The Secret War-Kalashtar

    The Dreaming Dark will not rest until the kalashtar have been destroyed, and its agents are masters of deception and intrigue. The Inspired cannot launch a full-scale assault on the kalashtar enclave in Sharn, but they can stir up the paranoia and

  • The Path of Light-Kalashtar

    Most kalashtar are devoted to the Path of Light. Dedication to the Path is what drew the rebel quori from the Region of Dreams to begin with, and this belief is inherited directly from the quori spirit. Kalashtar are free-willed individuals, though, and

  • Inner Balance

    The mind of a kalashtar is a synthesis of human soul and quori spirit. The quori spirit empowers its host, granting mental power and long life. The quori is not an independent presence; it is an integrated part of the kalashtars personality. At the

  • Spiritual Lineage-Kalashtar

    Sixty-seven rebel quori survived the exodus from Dal Quor, and every kalashtar has a bond to one of these spirits. The suffix attached to a kalashtars name is the name of the quori ancestor: Lanharath is Lan of the lineage of Harath. Quori spirits do

  • Kalashtar Life

    Mental discipline holds madness at bay within each kalashtar, and the kalashtar culture reflects this constant struggle. Outsiders usually find the calm that pervades kalashtar communities surprising. Beyond this inner struggle, the kalashtar wage an

  • Kalashtar Society and Culture

    The kalashtar were born in the mountains of Adar. Descended from a race of immortals, kalashtar have endless patience and a firm conviction that their traditions will some day usher in a golden age for all creatures. They do not want to change in any

  • Kalashtar and Other Races

    Most kalashtar have a remarkable degree of compassion and empathy; as trite as it sounds, they really do like everyone. There are always exceptions, especially among the orphans, but the majority of kalashtar are always interested in getting to know new

  • Kalashtar Communities

    Kalashtar live in small but prosperous communities. They have an usually high percentage of skilled crafters, with experts taking the place of commoners and a large number of citizens with some level of psionic power.

    The largest kalashtar

  • Leisure-Kalashtar

    Every kalashtar action serves a purpose, and leisure holds no place in their austere world. If an activity is pleasant for the participants, thats a bonus. A kalashtar never relaxes for the sake of relaxing: Even song and dance become weapons in the

  • Art-Kalashtar

    Emotions, memories, and movement are the treasures of the kalashtar, and this is reflected in kalashtar art. The path of shadows is one of their greatest art forms, and dancers work together to weave complex tapestries of motion and emotion. Kalashtar

  • Technology and Magic-Kalashtar

    The kalashtar place tremendous value on tradition and discipline. A kalashtar artisan learns to draw on the racial memories of his quori ancestor, providing him with access to centuries of artistic tradition. As a result, kalashtar crafters are

  • War-Kalashtar

    Kalashtar are the children of the war between the quoria war that continues to this day. It is a battle fought on two fronts: the physical struggle against the Inspired and the agents of the Dreaming Dark, and the spiritual battle to turn the wheel of

  • Societal Roles-Kalashtar

    While kalashtar can assume many roles, four are worthy of note.

    Artisans: The bulk of the members of a kalashtar community are artisans, skilled crafters and laborers who tend to the needs of the community and produce goods that

  • Religion-Kalashtar

    The Path of Light is integral to kalashtar civilization. The struggle between light and darkness is not a question of faith for a kalashtar; it is a fact of life, the conflict that gave birth to the entire race. Quori religion and history are closely

  • History and Folklore-Kalashtar

    The kalashtar race has existed for only eighteen hundred years. It began in Dal Quor, where Taratai and her followers of light were being hunted down and exterminated by the Dreaming Dark. But there is more to Dal Quor than the realm of the Dreaming

  • Psychic Warfare

    You have studied the telepathic combat techniques of the Inspired and the kalashtar, and can draw on your inner spirit to strengthen your attacks.

    Prerequisites: Base Will save bonus +4, Chosen, kalashtar, or Inspired.


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