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  • Karrnath

    Capital: Korth
    Population: 2,500,000 (52% humans, 18% dwarves, 10% halflings, 8% half-elves, 8% elves, 4% other)
    Exports: Ale, dairy, glass, grain, livestock, lumber, paper, textiles

  • Karrnath's Industries

    Karrnaths forests, especially the densely packed Karrnwood that covers the northern portion of the nation, provide some of the most notable exports sold throughout Khorvaire. Karrnathi pines produce valuable timber that is sold in the distant markets

  • Life and Society in Karrnath

    An urban pulse beats through the heart of Karrnaths metropolitan centers. Here, a vibrant middle class runs shops and other businesses, engages in industrial labor, and takes advantage of everything that the largest cities east of Scions Sound have to

  • Karrnath's Government and Politics

    King Kaius III rules the nation of Karrnath. The great-grandson of Kaius I, son of Jarot and first king of Karrnath after the collapse of Galifar, Kaius III has held the crown for less than a decade.

  • Power Groups in Karrnath

    The royal family and the noble warlords possess the visible power in Karrnath. All of the dragonmarked houses conduct business in the nation, but only House Deneith and House Jorasco use Karrnath as their base of operations. A few secret power groups

  • Religion in Karrnath

    The Sovereign Host holds sway over the majority of the nation, with most of its temples and churches dedicated to Boldrei, Dol Arrah, Dol Dorn, or Olladra. Because of the tensions between Karrnath and Thrane, the Church of the Silver Flame has only a

  • Major Settlements in Karrnath

    Karrnaths citizens congregate in the metropolitan centers that lie in the western part of the nation, with a much smaller population in the farmland to the east. Consequently, most of the major settlements have grown up west of the Ashen Spires

  • Important Sites in Karrnath

    History has painted a vibrant portrait across the nation of Karrnath. Some of the oldest pre-Galifar settlements can still be found around the Karrn River, and the rich traditions of the Galifar kingdom can be seen in the architecture of the nation and

  • Adventuring in Karrnath

    No hazards or poor roads exist to hamper travel throughout Karrnath. There are, however, the Karrnath Royal Swords. This internal national guard patrols the roads and borders of the kingdom, and woe to the traveler whose identification papers arent in

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