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  • Kalashtar Life

    Mental discipline holds madness at bay within each kalashtar, and the kalashtar culture reflects this constant struggle. Outsiders usually find the calm that pervades kalashtar communities surprising. Beyond this inner struggle, the kalashtar wage an

  • Leisure-Kalashtar

    Every kalashtar action serves a purpose, and leisure holds no place in their austere world. If an activity is pleasant for the participants, thats a bonus. A kalashtar never relaxes for the sake of relaxing: Even song and dance become weapons in the

  • Art-Kalashtar

    Emotions, memories, and movement are the treasures of the kalashtar, and this is reflected in kalashtar art. The path of shadows is one of their greatest art forms, and dancers work together to weave complex tapestries of motion and emotion. Kalashtar

  • Technology and Magic-Kalashtar

    The kalashtar place tremendous value on tradition and discipline. A kalashtar artisan learns to draw on the racial memories of his quori ancestor, providing him with access to centuries of artistic tradition. As a result, kalashtar crafters are

  • War-Kalashtar

    Kalashtar are the children of the war between the quoria war that continues to this day. It is a battle fought on two fronts: the physical struggle against the Inspired and the agents of the Dreaming Dark, and the spiritual battle to turn the wheel of

  • Warforged Life

    Across the continent of Khorvaire, warforged begin new lives in the aftermath of the Last War. In an effort to find their place in what seems to them to be a new world, warforged take up all kinds of professions and lifestyles. Some settle down in

  • War-Warforged

    For warforged, the purpose of life was to fight battles, and in the peace after the Last War, many warforged continue to exist as warriors. Whether as constables, bodyguards, pirates, bounty hunters, gladiators, soldiers, or adventurers, some warforged

  • Technology and Magic-Warforged

    Warforged are constructs, but they are not machines. Warforged have bodies composed of inorganic materials but also of living magic. In this way, warforged combine technology and magic in an unparalleled manner.

    During the Last War, most

  • Art-Warforged

    For a race not inclined to displays of emotion, warforged produce a surprising amount of art in a broad array of media. Before the end of the Last War, the number of warforged who participated in artistic endeavors could be counted on one hand. Now,

  • Leisure-Warforged

    Warforged never tire and rarely allow themselves to grow bored. Their lack of need to sleep, eat, or fear the passage of time gives them almost unending patience. Yet a hard life as constant soldiers has accustomed them to endless toil, and any long

  • Shifter Life

    Shifters emphasize nothing so much as the ability to survive. Their games, their training, and even their magic all have at least subtle ties to the shifters keen survival instincts and well-known emphasis on self-reliance.

  • Leisure-Shifter

    Shifters enjoy leisure activities that stress self-reliance and hone much-needed survival skills in a more relaxed environment. Shifter games often stress speed or stealth; they have little use for purely mental games such as chess. Shifters might bet

  • Art-Shifter

    Although shifters have little use for permanent or stationary art, they have perfected two art forms that accentuate their admiration for self-reliance and individuality.

    Totem Braids: Shifters often have intricate and unusual

  • Technology and Magic-Shifter

    Shifters believe in nothing as much as they believe in self-reliance, and they prefer tools they can carry with them at all times. Their technology, while not primitive, emphasizes the simple and portable rather than the grand achievements of the Five

  • War-Shifter

    Warfare has touched the shifter race in many ways throughout history, but shifters have yet to be the driving force behind the conflicts. The fiercely independent shifter communities of the Eldeen Reaches skirmish with each other and with other

  • Changeling Life

    No one guiding principle is common to all changelings. The most significant factor determining how a changeling leads his life is that of his guiding philosophy. As a changeling, every aspect of ones upbringing and aspirations varies based on ones

  • Identity-Changeling

    Central to how a changeling behaves is his self-concept. Does he think of himself as a female half-elf, many different people of either gender, or as a thin, gray, genderless creature?


    Passers act to hide their

  • Gender and Sexuality-Changeling

    An important aspect of a changelings identity is the issue of gender. Unlike doppelgangers, which are entirely genderless, a changeling does have a default gender that manifests in adolescence, but each changeling can adapt his or her form to be of

  • Children-Changeling

    Changeling babies behave much as all other humanoid babies. When playing with an adult or older child, a baby mimics and imitates the gestures and expressions of the person interacting with it. Changeling babies also reflexively endeavor to duplicate

  • Leisure-Changeling

    Almost all changelings would prefer to live a life of ease. They work just as hard as they need to in order to ensure fine comforts they crave. Changelings enjoy fine food, drink, clothing, equipment, and accommodations. Why make do with just the

  • Art-Changeling

    Changelings enjoy the finer things of life, including art. They appreciate the aesthetics of many different styles but prefer media able to express nuances and change. Most of these forms of artistic expression are temporary and experiential.


  • Technology and Magic-Changeling

    Changelings respect and admire the power of technology and magic to create change.


    Whatever can help a passer carry on his ruse is a good thing. Those aspects of technology or magic that strip away illusion or

  • War-Changeling

    Members of the changeling race are scattered in every country. They have no one unifying cause or identity. Changelings consider their world-shaping philosophy much more important than any allegiance to temporal powers.


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