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  • Servants of the Lord of Blades

    The cult of the Lord of Blades has a simple but clearly defined hierarchy. It starts with the Lord of Blades himself. His followers have memorized his every word, repeating them over and over, and they see his pronouncements as unassailable fact. When

  • Rites and Rituals of the Lord of Blades

    For the Blades, military drill and religious ritual are indistinguishable. Where the follower of a distant and unknowable deity might ask for help through ritual behavior, these materialistic worshipers automatically receive their Lords instruction and

  • The Lord of Blades in Everyday Life

    To follow the Lord of Blades is to do so completely. Many warforged think about the movement, but few commit themselves to the rigors of membership. They might listen to a sermon from an evangelical Blade, or be drawn into a conversation by an agent,

  • Temples and Shrines of the Lord of Blades

    The center of the Blades worship is the hidden stronghold of their Lord, somewhere deep within the Mournland. Its location is unknown to any outside the cult, and even new recruits do not visit this headquarters until they are well established in the

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