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  • Kalashtar and Other Races

    Most kalashtar have a remarkable degree of compassion and empathy; as trite as it sounds, they really do like everyone. There are always exceptions, especially among the orphans, but the majority of kalashtar are always interested in getting to know new

  • Warforged and Other Races

    Warforged find it difficult to relate to other races. A warforgeds face is capable of few expressions, and his voice is often hollow and monotonal. These facts alone would make many people dislike dealing with them, but warforged are also stymied by

  • Shifters and Other Races

    Shifters view members of other races with a great deal of suspicion. They have never felt like an integrated part of Khorvaires human-centric nations, and their self-reliant nature makes them slow to seek companionship or support from members of other

  • Changelings and Other Races

    As a race, changelings have no bonds with members of other races, who are viewed with suspicion and distrust. That said, certain groups of halflings and changelings have recently displayed attitudes of cooperation with, or at least tolerance for,

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